A downloadable asset pack


This is a remake of mario made for fun :D

You can use the assets for whatever you like credit or not doesn't matter.  But if you make something please comment it wanna see games made with it :c

The assets aren't completed yet.


  • Most of Mario's frames.
  • Most of the enemies.
  • World 1 tileset.

You can follow me on twitter: @Arrow_N_TheKnee for more content :3

and yeah let me know if You want anything else.

StatusIn development
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Tags2D, mario, mario-maker, Monsters, Pixel Art, Tileset


Mario1.zip 50 kB

Development log


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I made a Mario game with your sprites! Gave you credit also ;) https://maltebyte.itch.io/superluigirunner

That's super awesome, nice pallete switch too :D

I needed the Underground tiles also! :)

Can we mmodify them too?

I don't own this property, but I wouldn't mind if you want to edit on my own iteration of Mario :D

These are cool. I'll have to share my game whn I am dlone with it.


I recently finished a game for a class project. It's not the best but here it is.

SuperScuffedBros by KrypticOD (itch.io)

Wow that was really cool,

no seriously it's very well made for a project keep it up and I wanna see more projects from you <3


Thanks my game will be modern with this assets, coming soon Super Mario Multiverse with assets of all itch.io 

I'd like to see that. I will folow you to see it when it come to life <3 .

a Demo coming soon only wait some time and try Demo

ok, I will wait for it.


Thank you for this assets, I made a quick game for fun with them: https://omagerio.itch.io/hammer-brothers-vs

Wow man that's really cool. I tried it and it's fun. Wanna try it with my friends. TY <3


Hey! Are you still working on this? Also do you plan to make the whole game? I wanted to make a remake of the game for fun and the assets are awesome! Good job! I ll be waiting for more :)


Yeah I'm workin on it just delayed for a little cuz I'm making a commercial asset then return to this asset again. I need to eat and not die. XD


Hehehe! I get that. Hope it all goes well with your project! I m also working on something of my own so no worries. 


I appreciate that and i hope you succeed too on your projects.

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This has to be the bet Mario remake I have seen yet.  Nice work!  It is a good mixture of Classic and a hint of the remake in 1994

Thanks man, I really appreciate it <3

nice work . can i use it for commercial game or it has a copyrights for Nintendo

I don't know about Nintendo but for me it's ok to do whatever you want with the assets.

Thank you love your work 💖

If you use for commercial and Nintendo finds out the would tell you to remove the game for what ever platform you have it on.  You could make a fan game of it.  

thank you for the advice